SARA’s core philosophy in its commodities business is to “own the ability to supply”. This ownership is obtained from having control of the product either at origination, during transportation or at its end use. This has driven the group’s strategy in making investments across the supply chain of the commodities it trades. These investments are coupled with years long experience in risk management, deep understanding of the market dynamics and continuously changing customer requirements.

Starting as an importer of steel scrap, SARA has over the years build commodity specific expertise across various verticals. This has done through establishing excellent teams that:

  • have in-depth understanding of the product dynamics.
  • having long standing customer relationships.
  • are experts in the product supply chains.
  • can identify risk pro-actively and manage the same.

SARA’s network of origination and marketing span the world, moving commodities such as coal, iron ore, chrome, sugar and steel from locations as far away are Australia to China, Italy to India, USA to India etc. Operating on a global platform, SARA GROUP sources bulk commodities from numerous locations for supplying them to even more regions, ensuring the availability of the right products at the right prices and at the right time.