As an established, professional and successful family owned business, SARA GROUP is a diverse Indian conglomerate headquartered in New Delhi with global operations. It operates across multiple sectors ranging from mining, bulk commodities, textiles and investments. The group's multiple businesses are run by world-class professionals, allowing for prompt decision-making and scalability in operations.

Since 1990, the group has continuously sought out new opportunities for growth. Having its origins as a steel scrap and textiles trading outfit, the group has efficiently maneuvered itself to operating a large textiles manufacturing company, a diversified and global commodities business and a portfolio of investments across sectors.

Today, the group stands on solid foundations with consolidated revenues in excess of USD 200 million, an excellent set of professionals running its various businesses and a stellar reputation for excellence in everything it does. This is a reflection of an unending pursuit of quality, regardless of the business we operate in. With each transaction imbued with transparency, honesty and integrity coupled with an approach targeted at growth and empowerment of people, we have succeeded in reaching where we are today. However, this is still the beginning of what we envisage shall be a long and successful journey for SARA.